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What is Bodhitree?

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BodhiTree is an online learning platform developed at IIT Bombay with the mission of providing accessible quality technical education for all, through personalized, flexible, and hands­-on complete learning.
BodhiTree hosts interactive multimedia books including lab manuals that mimic classroom teaching. Books are made of chapters which in turn are composed of interactive videos (interactivity is achieved via periodic pop-up quizzes embedded within the video), auto-graded practice problems, reference material, slides etc. These books can be accessed by students via a smartphone app as well as a web-browser.
Our model encourages personalized self­-learning as well as instructor­-guided flipped classrooms . BodhiTree provides a one stop solution to all instructor needs as outlined below.

Using Bodhitree as a Self-learning Student

1. Sign-up for existing course material here: https://garuda.bodhi.cse.iitb.ac.in/
2. Bodhi-Intern program: see here
3. Watch interactive multimedia books to learn various subjects.
4. Online discussion of subject topics.
5. Compare your performance on interactive quizzes relative to others.

Using Bodhitree as an Instructor

1. Assemble course specific book from multiple books.
2. Organise content as chapters -> sections -> elements.
3. Organise elements as: interactive videos, slides, documents, quizzes, reference material, auto-graded practice problems.
4. Impose schedule, monitor student progress, share marks, facilitate discussions.
5. Manage auto-graded programming labs.
6. Organize lab reports for manual grading.
7. Contact us at bodhitree@cse.iitb.ac.in if you wish to use BodhiTree in your teaching.
8. Various BodhiTree instances currently running: Login/SignUp.

Our Popular Courses

1. Computer Networks [Syllabus]
2. Computer Organization/Architecture [Syllabus]
3. Wireless Networks [Syllabus]
4. Operating Systems [Syllabus]
5. Computer Programming (C, C++, Python) [Syllabus]
6. Data Structures and Algorithms [Syllabus]
7. Thermodynamics [Syllabus]



Bodhi Book

For Self-learners Organized as chapters and sections.

Sections composed of Interactive videos.

‘Virtual’ Lab exercises.

Reference material.

Practice problems.



Bodhi Class

Create course specific book Manage students.

Supports flipped classes for instructors.

Impose Schedule and Monitor progress.

Conduct exams/labs, share marks.

Pull content from multiple books.

Facilitate discussions.

  • Videos based on Socrates Model of teaching.
  • Auto graded in-video as well as end of section practice problems.
  • Timed Auto-graded Objective quizzes.
  • Leaderboard for healthy competition among students.
  • Discussion forum; supports video/section/chapter tagging.
  • Interfaces to enrol students, add TAs, send and archive emails, share marks.
  • Lab support for hands-on learning.
  • Auto-grading of programming based assignments.
  • Supports a variety of languages c++, c, python, java etc Cheating free, plagiarism checks, editor support etc.
  • Easy interface for human grading of descriptive questions.
  • Supports rubrics for fair grading.
  • Complaint management of student marks.

Usage of BodhiTree So Far

6 Multi-media Books: Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Wireless Networks, Software Lab, Thermodynamics, Basic Electronics 2 lab courses: Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Survey Response:
UG courses: 18 offerings (within IITB)
PG courses: 7 offerings (within IITB)
BodhiTree based flipped class offering in colleges outside IITB: NIT-Goa, IITB UG Computer Networks course: SVNIT, VJTI, YCCE, DAIICT, IIT-Goa, IIT-Dharwad. MTech/PhD admission screening. Teacher training workshop: Touched 15,000+ people.


4th Flooor KRESIT Building, Synery Lab, IIT Bombay (Powai), Mumbai (Maharashtra), 400076.

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